Window 10 for phones on a Lumia 630


Last week Microsoft announced a Technical Preview of Windows 10 for phones. The first preview is only available for a Lumia’s 630,635,636,638,730 and 830 and in this video I talk a look at the technical preview on a Lumia 630.

To Install Windows 10 on a supported device you install the Windows Insider app, select whether you want the fast track or the slow track for future updates and then go to Settings and check for updates. It will then download the update.

The main changes in Windows 10 for phones over Windows Phone 8.1 are:
•Expanded quick actions in Action Center, there is now an expand button which shows more actions.
•Full-size background image for Start.
•Interactive notifications, so you can reply inline to text messages
•Text to speech everywhere, there is a microphone icon in the keyboard so you can have speech input anywhere you can type.
•An all new photos app.
•A new file manager app.

•New settings screen arranged by category.

Microsoft do warn about a number of issues (see my post) but so far the little 630 is working ok. More changes are coming in future builds.


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  1. Hi, im still using this phone lumia 630 but i cannot seem to upgrade the software from wimdows 8.1 to windows 10. How do i upgradr it to windows 10? Thanks you

  2. when I clicj the preview build "server error,connection error prevente blabla please check date/time n connection network" actualy there is no problem with my phone,how can i update it?

  3. I lived in bangladesh and my phone is nokia lumia 630 i installed windows insider apps when i started update phone showing your phone is update its 8.1 version pls help me for update windows 10 my mail

  4. how did u get windows 10 on my lumia 630 it shows in windows insider: there are no technical preview for this phone

  5. I downloaded Windows Insider, I tryed slow and fast version and nothing, after first reboot i go to phone update and the phone tels me that is my phone is up to date. My phone is lumia 630 with denim version of 8.1.

  6. Is this build stable? I had to roll back to WP8.1 a couple weeks ago because WM10 kept crashing when using the photo gallery, Facebook and Edge, actually the more ram intensive apps, so it looks like a serious memory leak issue to me.Has it been solved, as far as you experienced?

  7. Genial amigo me gusto mucho tu explicación, tengo un lumia 630 y la verdad quería un vídeo con el mismo. Gracias!

  8. I have installed windows 10 on my Lumia 630, but after installation my battery does'nt last for more than 2 hrs, and also the navigation bar is not cool than the previous one.

  9. How do i changes the Navbar on WP 10? i have been search of it but i just can found anything in Settings


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