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Elon Musk seems to have had a pretty crazy week or two. The multi-billionaire weighed in on the Coronavirus crisis, making some pretty controversial claims. He seemed to tank the value of his own company by saying it was overvalued. His child was born and received an… unusual name (X Æ A-12)

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  1. Correction: At 8:21 there's an inconsistency between the voice over and the animation. Ford made $6.6 billion in 2019 not $6.6 million

  2. I think he and his companies are generally doing great things but i personally disagree with his opinion on corona, think the tweet about his company's value was stupid and i think that X Æ A-12 is a shitty name for a human to have. Maybe he should leave twitter or take a break.

  3. Grimes can't get the name of their favourite aircraft correct in her explanatory tweet (SR-71; not SR-17) and we trust these people to name a human being. Glad they didn't do anything stupidX.

  4. Musk is narcissistic and desperate for attention, he even abuses his child for that purpose. He’s by no means a genius. As all billionaires he only cares for money.

  5. Elon musk is smart so I can answer the question.. what is he doing ?

    Elon musk is against establishment and control. Yes even billionaires fall into categories .. you get the ones who want to save the world like bill gates who is essentially on the side of thinking humans need to be controlled more so they can all move as one unit towards saving the planet and eradicating diseases. Which is why so many conspiracies love mentioning his name as a psychopath..

    Elon musk and trump are the opposite to them. But because their messages are controversial and click bait and outrageous.. the masses love them because they see them as on the side of freedom and constitutional rights and stuff like that.

    A general rule for everyone is … if ever you see a figure being hated on by mainstream media and politicians.. it’s a great indicator that they are on the common people’s side. Any time the news support or commend a politician or billionaire .. stay well away and be cautious

  6. The man is insane but he’s right about this flu. He’s not smart enough to realize if all other businesses can’t succeed nobody has work, nobody has money, nobody buying his cars

  7. In Lithuania we are opening buisinesses and we never have been imprisoned by "shelter in place". You need to allow people to work and stay at home if they want/afford that.

  8. Musk is a narcissist and can't handle not being constantly praised and/or seeing his own mug in the media. So he makes sure he gets attention.
    Like P.T. Barnum, who is often quoted to have said: "I don't care what they write about me, as long as they spell my name right", Musk seems to believe that all publicity is good publicity.

  9. I was a fan of Musk until Hyperloop. Hyperloop so fucking retarded and hearing lie about it while his blond followers ate up his shit made me stop liking him. There was also the time he pushed for using ICBMs as a replacement for planes 😳 W… T… F… also, I’m pretty sure the SR-71 was also unarmed like the x-12. 🤦‍♂️

  10. I'm back here after 3 months abstinence and not surprisingly you aren't reporting the EU meltdown. After click bait titles like 'What The Hell Is Boris Doing' and 'Does The EU Need the UK?', you're going to look very silly with hindsight in a year or two with your continual pro EU bias. Let's please have a title 'The EU: countdown to disaster'.

  11. I agree with Elon and I don't think he is stupid. This quarentine is stupid. The only thing I don't agree with is his baby's name.

  12. This entire video was about how British people lack basic understanding what free speech is. It's even laughable to suggest any name is illegal.

  13. Musk has employed more than 80,000 people and manufactured products that people want and need. Starting with nothing more than an idea and the clothes on his back.
    What have you done lately?
    Get on social media and whine about it??? 😉

  14. The baby name is perfectly fine.

    He is right about the virus. If borders open without the number infected being less than when it closes he will be proven right. If the economy crashes due to this idiotic shut down again again it will prove the move was not thought out. Its sad the level of competence in the persons making decisions.

    He is wrong assuming the cases would reach zero. DO the math and we can tell the number of deaths. Its going to reach into the millions but there is nothing we can do to stop that. It might sound like a lot but the earth has over 7.7billion so its really a small percentage.

    Your channel did a piece on the number of deaths being 20,000 if UK shut down. Right now its 31,587 with no indication of slowing down. The estimate is wrong.

  15. Electric cars: Good
    Tesla: Bad, really bad.

    Honestly, the main problem isn't if the cars are electric or otherwise, its the lack of good public transportation

  16. Elon Musk is a man with a lot of imagination, willingness to innovate, and is prepared to get stuck in but… He's also an absolute idiot who can't tell the difference between uninformed mouthing-off and and sharing a considered opinion for the good of all on a subject for which he has some expertise.
    It's hard to know if on balance:
    a) He's a good-old throwback to the days of the philanthropist industrialist
    b) He's a dangerous menace
    …I tend to lean toward the latter. Only an utter fool would downplay this pandemic for personal gain as that's akin to kicking holes in the side of the sinking ship you're traveling in to make a point that the ship isn't in that much trouble!
    Bottom line:
    Every death as a result of this virus is a tragic example of the failure of current quarantine measures. The idea that we can balance people's lives against the mild inconvenience of said quarantine is not only madness but accessory to murder!
    To remind any selfish idiots who may read this: Many thousands of people have died, millions are likely to die, and we are likely to be stuck with this disease forever. All because quarantine wasn't instituted soon enough or nearly strictly enough. We should be tightening the measures in place, anything else is literally a choice to kill many, many people and to prolong the effects of having to cope with this disease far longer than necessary!

  17. I used to really like this guy but this whole national emergency shows his true colors which is a rich douchebag with the rage of a 12 year old.

  18. I really admire Musk for what he's done in industry – particularly Tesla and SpaceX. But he may be a bit of a twat.

  19. ELAN MUSK is a true patriot and people will feel like dumb asses when they realize they were herded into a panic like sheep.

  20. Free speech is not a reason to make a statement. Just because you have the freedom to say something doesn't mean you should.

  21. Honestly, I think Elon is genuine. The problem with his view is his trust in the government of the USA. Meanwhile trump is just fool president, despite having the same viewpoint. Now if the US government was competent and reacted to the virus this would be less of an issue. I personally know people who had COVID like symptoms back in November. Simply put if the US took action to protect itself and it’s people, yes people. Then cases would be much lower, less people would be dying and shortages would be less severe. The issue is entirely the making of the trump administration, this is why he is the fool but Elon isn’t. But perhaps Elon is a fool by extension of his misplaced trust in the trump administration to handle the situation. Where I live daily confirmed cases has dropped significantly, there is little to no lockdown but we are employing social distancing. This could have been the story for the US too! And rightfully so.

  22. I have a hunch I can predict future already the kid will change his name because try filling a form with a number in it online quite a few of them if not all have restrictions placed on them that it must have no numbers in it. And if he wants to go to some school he will be bullied at it if he has that name. Ok sure probable he can be homeschooled by a tutor but the point remains it would be one hell of life living that name in one way or other.


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