Ulefone Armor 7 Review – IP68 Helio P90 8GB Rugged Phone


Ulefone Armor 7 unboxing and in-depth full review including benchmarks, battery life stats, gaming, GPS, performance, audio, camera samples and more. Where to buy: More info:

Disclaimer: This was a review unit from Ulefone, but in no way are they involved in my review process or influencing it. All views and opinions (Like always) are 100% my own. And all my reviews are unpaid, no money has changed hands.

Armor 7 key specs:
6.3″ 2340 x 1080 IPS 540 nits
8GB RAM, 128GB storage
Dual nano-SIM or SIM + MicroSD
Global LTE band support
Android 9.0
Type-C, FM Radio, GPS
15W charging, 10W wireless charging
5500mAh battery
Heart rate monitor
4 cameras:
48MP main, 8MP portrait and 16MP night only camera
16MP selfie front camera
Sells for $369 USD

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  1. what is the difference between gorilla glass 5 and corning gorilla glass? because I see the ulefone armor 7E only says corning gorilla glass?

  2. F**k beaty & agree with idea of tough sorroundings. If they doubled on its power to 10 k It would already be in my hand – until further notice Power 5 is Still in My back pocket.

  3. Its a great review with lots of detail information. And the specs written on the video is helping non english speaker like me who want to know what this phone has to offer. For that i'm gonna subscribe.

  4. An issue I'm having with the camera is it won't me disable the location permission. Otherwise the camera won't open. Is there a way to use the camera app and disable the location permission?

  5. My 2nd Ulefone, first was the S9 for a mere 72 euro's well spend. I did many tests for my friends and family to show them how good that phone (mind: the S9) actually is. I threw it around, stood on it smashed it against the wall and it still worked. Now, I sold the S9 for 50 euro's to my neighbour and bought the Armor 6e.
    I have it for almost a year now, bought it when it came out last year what was it, february? I dont remember.
    But boy. This 6e model delivers. And how.
    People here telling about broken glass?? Impossible. I smashed with a HAMMER on it it did NOT break not even a scratch!
    Not waterproof?? I have a pond in my garden and I took pictures at a depth of 50 centimeters..my fish said "cheese" so the 6e IS waterproof.
    I did every hard test to it just to show what ruggedness means to this phone… it's absolutely a WINNER in all aspects.
    Fast charging through micro-USB, normal use will give you 2 to 4 days without charging, depending on App's running of course.
    Sound is good, clear and loud enough.
    The screen is amazing, watching Netflix or live events is no problem at all.
    It runs all App's I have installed no problem.
    One disadvantage though… because it is a truly waterproof and water resistant product it lacks open connections such as a earphone jack.
    But I bypassed that with a bluetooth soundbox.

    Jojo out.

  6. Worst brand, worst model, worst support. I bought 2 ulefone, 1 gave screen issues after 2 months and support only replies to messages every 2 weeks. After some demands my ceased to respond (6 months have passed). Ulefone never again !!!

  7. Next time do an unboxing video for a rugged phone where you open the box by smashing it with a sledgehammer!

  8. “2 seconds—not quick.” Are people this whiny about technology? 2 seconds is damn quick. If you’re expecting less than a second for fingerprint/face ID unlock, you might be expecting too much and need to appreciate what you DO have.


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