Battle Realms Free Download (PC) + Winter of the Wolf expansion

This video shows you how to download and install Battle Realms (2002 game) as well as Winter of the Wolf expansion for free on PC.


Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf (PC)

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.
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44 Replies to “Battle Realms Free Download (PC) + Winter of the Wolf expansion”

  1. OldGamesDownload says:

    Hi everyone, so because it's very difficult to respond to comments on YouTube (most of the times I don't even receive a notification), I've have added a comment section to the website. I'd ask that for any problems downloading or running the game, please leave a comment on the website so that you can get better help

  2. JuliesRaycle Channel says:

    Thank you so much! It works 😀

  3. mojedo evan says:

    how to full screen bro? asap

  4. Support Channel says:

    My father played this game back in he was a kid I'm going to play this game for childhood of my father memories

  5. jefferson sevilla says:

    When I open the Battle Realm F file, it doesn't work. Please help.

  6. eXistenZ says:

    This game bring back memories

  7. KD Unboxing says:

    Thank you it works!

  8. Hey hey says:

    Hi can someone help me in mid game the game always stop responding can someone help me?

  9. Syahrul Izzulhaq says:

    how to full screen this game?

  10. Arjon Dilig says:


  11. Eltot says:

    I hope for Battle realms 3.

  12. Vinci climacosa says:

    Im having a hard time downloading it

  13. Brylle1 YT says:

    ye thx i was lookin for dis game everywhere then i saw ur vid then i tried it and it worked!!! THANK U VERRY MUCH

  14. Bernard 123 says:

    I've been looking for this game to play and download it..😁😊
    Thanks bro..💖💞

  15. Yan si Pot-Pot says:

    It realy work..
    Thank you so much from phillipines

  16. Angeline Angeles says:

    could not initialize rasterizer api how to fix this Im using laptop pls reply thanks

  17. Daffa Hafizd says:

    Iam not working 😥😥

  18. Ps Gaming says:

    Thank you thailand

  19. Yos Otsinar says:

    2020 Succes GG

  20. John Son says:


  21. John Son says:

    I encountered game breaking bug. In 5th or 6th mission(mission that you play without Kenji and need to destroy Wolf clan, right after serpant Orb is stolen) game crashes whenever i destroy 1 specific enemy building(building for Wolf peasants). And since the goal is to destroy every enemy building , now i cant proceed with campaign.
    I tried leaving that building for the end to destroy it last , but game crashes anyways .

    cant continue with campaign . I will try to reset the mission and see if that helps.

  22. BANTAY BAYAN says:

    APP crash. please help fix it?

  23. moyekyeknalang angeles says:

    Your good its working. Thanks.

  24. KhraughXDGaming YT says:

    Hello, can you please add red alert 2 free download 🙁

  25. CAT WORLD says:

    Not working on my laptop

  26. ThatDwayneGuy - Gaming says:

    thank you so much we can finally play this again with my mom

  27. Rea Teoxon says:

    thank you so much
    this so nostalgic

  28. Fly JHI says:

    Working nicee tutorial 👍

  29. The Bright Betelgeuse says:

    damn this guy helped me reconnect with 2011 me, really amazing bro.

  30. みつき says:

    To those people have error do re extract it

  31. apple de guzman says:

    working at Feb 2020! <3

  32. Voltaire Caporal says:

    Thank you so much. I download BR in my loptop. My childhood game 🙂

  33. peros marvin says:


  34. Catsu Aman says:


  35. Andri Patino says:

    I just finished downloading the file but when I clicked on the file it won't open please reply asap thanks….

  36. Nasleeck Gsm says:


  37. Genus Gaming says:

    Why the minimap black???

  38. Donita Kim Espiritu says:

    IT WORKS!!! THANKS!!! – 1/30/20

  39. Donita Kim Espiritu says:

    IT WORKS!!! THANKS!!! – 1/30/20

  40. Syd Desalesa says:

    Need help i finish it but when i click the game it said COULD NOT INITIALIZE RASTERIZER API. what should i do? HELLP

  41. dream2goal says:

    AIProfiles Problem

  42. dream2goal says:

    i think its the best OFFLINE strategy game of the world

  43. kaiserhapsburg says:

    Thank you i've been downloading this game for 3 years and now i know how to download it thank you 🙂 And it Work!!!

  44. Gòkū Sañ says:

    It works in january 17 2020

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