Miguel – How Many Drinks? (Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar


Miguel’s official music video for ‘How Many Drinks’ ft. Kendrick Lamar.
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Frustration, watching you dance
Have attention, to get in them pants
Come closer baby, so I can touch
One question, am I movin’ too fast?

Cause I ain’t leaving alone, feel like I could be honest, babe!
We both know that we’re grown
That’s why I wanna know
How many drinks would it take you to leave with me?
Yeah, you look good and I got money
But I don’t wanna waste my time
Back of my mind I’m hoping you say two or three
You look good, we came to party
But I don’t wanna waste my time

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34 Replies to “Miguel – How Many Drinks? (Remix) ft. Kendrick Lamar”

  1. SS NO MERCY says:

    haven't listened to this song in years…. started playing it and sang the entire song 🔥😎still one of my favorites

  2. miller miller says:

    Miguel is age-less and his music will live forever

  3. Andre' Wheeler says:

    2020 ppl?

  4. robby jons says:

    Just overhead this song from my neighbor room and was masterpiece now their clapping so hard

  5. Ernest Triplin says:

    Who still making babys to this song in 2020 😂💯

  6. markese armbrester says:



    Miguel my baby mama because he my robot God.

  8. random dude says:

    Aged like fine wine

  9. Joshua Kalibbala says:

    This song bangs

  10. Antron Lupoe says:

    Hey my sexy tronx40 snookie snoopie thunder KAT TONYO pur "VOICE VIOP UPGRADED IS "AWESOME" love us my sexy albino chocolate co-co snowball 666🥁🎻🎺🎹🎸🎷📻🎧🎤🎛🎚🎙🎶🎵🎼🔕🔔📣📢🔊🔉🔈🔇

  11. Antron Lupoe says:

    Hey my sexy tronx40 snookie snoopie thunder KAT TONYO "sexy thick albino chocolate co-co snowball* we in da truck going to handle our business 666🤩🤩😎🦄🦋🦚🦜🦢🦆🦉🐧🐦🐥🐤🐣🥁🎻🎺🎹🎸🎷📻🎧🎤🎛🎚🎙🎶🎵🎼🔕🔔📣📢🔊🔉🔈🔇

  12. Tyrone Williams says:

    Cool relax conversation kind of music

  13. shawn peter says:

    Obama is this you're. Song fake a wife WOW

  14. Jose Leon says:

    Miguel is underrated asf I swear

  15. Social Information says:

    I wish I was the mic

  16. Social Information says:

    I always answer his question

  17. LaTonya White says:


  18. Melusi Mantanga says:

    Ooh I never been so blessed with so many drinks of good music that mesmerize my soul like this..iam your sip please drink me love..dam I love ur music thank you very much..

  19. johanna V says:

    I’m high asf rn and this smacks

  20. Trex_ son says:

    Heard this and it made me think kendrick was back, but oh it's an old song, still so good, this is one great jam.

  21. Brittney Allen says:

    Im am absolutely in love with this song😍😍😍

  22. Ashleigh Heitz says:

    he’s so fly and trippy I’d love to trip with Miguel and just listen to him sing 😈

  23. Kng Tch says:

    Middle school days right here

  24. Benjamin Smith says:

    Pull them to the side… You know the rest 😉😉

  25. GeMini The Queen says:

    Give us some more soulful heat

  26. Bun Mann says:

    This is timeless great music

  27. Taureeq Ruiters says:

    Favourite song

  28. RX TV says:

    2020 🤩

  29. Snooty Foxx says:

    Quarantine day dreaming; 2020 Sunday funday, day party, 72 degrees, drinks flowing, laughing with friends, nice breeze, open deck, this song✅

  30. TripleAce Sun says:

    This was my shit back in my high school

  31. Miss Fortune says:

    In quarantine listening to my boy. Still. 💃🌺🥰

  32. Shakisha Thompson says:

    The base whoooo

  33. Shakisha Thompson says:

    Dope song!!!

  34. Shakisha Thompson says:

    Summer Jam!

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