League of Legends wont launch after clicking Play! Solved! [FIX]


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In this video i’m going to show how to fix League of Legends doesn’t launch.. Like & Subscribe & Share. Thx for watching.

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League of Legends doesn’t launch [FIX]
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Game won’t start after I hit play
Game Won’t Launch After Pressing Play (After new patch) LoL

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  1. CTRL+ALT+DELETE and end task on lol and the place you have it saved, then restart it and make sure you ended lol in task manager. once done open lol and it should work.

  2. LISTEN, EVERYONE I had same problem, i tried over 50 methods, nothung worked, then i found randon clip on turk language, saying, close your steam, end process, steam, and it really worked for me.

  3. IF THIS DOESNT WORK: Try right clicking the launcher and selecting run as administrator. worked for me.

  4. Hello! So my problem is that when we are done picking heroes, and were gonna start the match, it would kick me out then say, "Sorry, were unable to start your game".
    Is there anything you can do to help me in this problem? Thank you.

  5. You have to go in Task manager and show all procces after it find a exe with letters and numbers and delete it! It will be work.

  6. Dude are you english or slovene because you have deskotop image 'majice' pls tell me and btw thanks i can play lol again thx 🙂

  7. To me it says "This action cannot be completed cause the folder or a file in it is open in another program.

  8. amk i hate u .i follewed your step and u destroyed my life now when i start the game my monitor is shrinking amk


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