Kim Jong Un may be trying to avoid coronavirus, says South Korea


North Korea’s leder may have missed a key holiday on April 15 because of concerns over the coronavirus, not because he is ill, South Korea’s minister for North Korean affairs says.


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37 Replies to “Kim Jong Un may be trying to avoid coronavirus, says South Korea”

  1. turino ik says:

    He is dead

  2. COVID -19 says:

    Form bangladesh

  3. Ghecko says:

    He's dead and the world is a much better place for it. I'd shed a tear but I'm too busy celebrating.
    One more tyrant drops off the face of the Earth. Say hello to Satan Kim you fat ugly worthless glob of dead flesh.

  4. Surendra Shai says:

    Don't worry boss Kim gong you give you goad power then ok boss

  5. Surendra Shai says:

    Don't worry boss you give you goad power

  6. Surendra Shai says:

    Don't worry boss you give you goad power

  7. Surendra Shai says:

    Don't worry boss you give you goad

  8. Tomas Lorenzo says:

    Kim jong un:News

    4 African guys:

  9. Milk2Percent says:

    Who can blame someone for wanting to enjoy his last days on Earth before the world drains the blood from the Dragon that protect them.

  10. Mysterious Stranger From Arizona says:

    Lol…I thought that when it was first being reported that he was nowwhere to be seen… i said this Coward isnt sick or dead, he's in hiding from the Coronavirus. That's how cowards operate.

  11. Randy Allen says:

    He would communicate.

  12. Philip Martinez says:

    LOL haircut is fucked up

  13. Philip Martinez says:

    Believe me I'm a barber and I wish I could cut his hair. Maybe not wish but maybe give him a good haircut. I'm Hispanic so we all have good haircuts I wish all of the races could experience a good haircut too

  14. Lucky 4 Nothing says:

    Umm… N. Korean leader, lil kimmy, is probably hanging out in Dennis Rodman’s basement collecting all the viruses.

  15. openroad says:

    That grotesque nasty bastard.

  16. Caleb Ledbetter says:

    I bet he watches alot of porn just a hunch

  17. QUEST for REALITY says:

    "Trying to avoid COVID19"? Doesn't make sense, because this cannot be the reason he leaves Pyongyang and be absent at their top national ceremony

  18. Neo Gaming Channel says:

    He lies to his people. He lies to us too.

  19. Ethan Rong says:

    I mean North Korea is already on lockdown so…

  20. hanz patinski says:

    Hopefully the virus kills kim

  21. Project_ Z says:

    Kim Jong un: riding horse

    Me: Now you know better than that 😂👀

  22. The Fine Rustic says:

    King Jung hidden in underground Bunker.

  23. sufayr1700* says:

    dude he had heart surgery hes probably recovering

  24. Greg Miller says:

    That horse was struggling

  25. The Outlaw pantera rulz says:

    Well no shit

  26. rosa spanjol says:

    He is trying to avoid Coronavirus?…but,wait.. there’s no Coronavirus in North Corea,according to many reports!

  27. Patriot Spring says:

    He's dead.

  28. Ar Armstrong says:

    Everyone: Why is there no Corona Virus cases in North korea


  29. Genghis Khan says:

    Stay safe the great Kim un we need you make sure that western stay out of north Asia

  30. Eric Centeno says:

    He is definitely trying to avoid the Caronavirus…If his health is as bad as it is then him getting sick will make him more prone to death.

  31. Bad Cattitude says:

    What if he's in the gym getting swole?

  32. Scar Clan YouTube Channel says:

    Didn’t he lose the gulag and no one in the squad $4500

  33. BitchChill says:

    Is he dead or not?

  34. Bryan says:

    Not avoid, what if he already has COVID? It could be COVID that's either incapacitated or killed him.

  35. Kimmy Kat says:

    Shrek and Donkey

  36. Juana p says:

    I wouldn't sleep on death were is the body no body no death I don't trust him at all.

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