IU (아이유) "eight (에잇) (feat. BTS SUGA)" (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)


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• Artist: 아이유(IU)
• Song ♫: eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)
• Album: “에잇” Digital Single
• Released: 2020.05.06
• No copyright infringement intended / Don’t reupload
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50 Replies to “IU (아이유) "eight (에잇) (feat. BTS SUGA)" (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)”

  1. Kiyong Kim says:

    질리지 않을 만큼만 들어줘…
    그래도 매일 듣게됨.
    나만 그런가?

  2. Park Jimin says:


  3. Vani Pillai says:

    I love and feel the song….
    But I didn’t understand why the song’s title is Eight?

  4. AskDuh says:

    love this song but how does jungkook feel about this? xD

  5. A Little Bit Strange says:

    Can we admire iu face bc it is hot

    Im not lesbian. I just have eyes

  6. Raehan Adi Wahyu Saputra says:

    Ninteen Natty Pliss

  7. Big Boi says:

    Every time I listen to this song I cry 😂

  8. dltjgus says:

    어디서 봤는데 노래 색깔이나 분위기는 방탄같인데 목소리는 아이유임
    둘 다 색깔이 너무 잘 어울린다 개좋음ㅜㅜ

  9. sw b says:

    랩만 빼면 완벽하네

  10. 새싹 says:

    한국인들이여 한국인 노랜데
    한국말 위에 하나쯤은 있어야지!
    올리자 으쌰으쌰

  11. Cess says:

    the worst part of this song is that it ends.

  12. Rufi's world says:

    I will be more thanful plz

  13. Rufi's world says:


  14. Rufi's world says:


  15. Rufi's world says:

    Plz answer me it is important

  16. Rufi's world says:

    I just want to ask u very important thing

  17. 1993ladyshindo00 says:

    Vote for eight in Mnet and Show Champion (using Idol Champ app)

  18. Janan Bts says:


    mee: searching bts suga and ui eight and crying for no reason just crying for my life

  19. Kimsesiz Birileri says:

    Bir felaket mektubu gibi derken jonghyun dan bahsetmiş olabilir mi?

  20. BTSluv Chimmy says:

    Their voices are soo good~ imagine me and bts collabing lol them singing so good
    Me: YaH Soo SaRaNgHaE Ya😤😂😂😂 idk any lyrics to put here

  21. Marvella Fidelia says:

    Love this song!!! Thanks for the lyrics, check my channel out I made a piano cover of this song too! Support from Indonesia!

  22. 레모나 says:

    남준이가 드라이브송이라고 했는데 완전 공감..

  23. 맛있는만두 says:

    아이유넘 이뻐 이래서 내가 좋아하지

  24. [티븨]찹쌀좁쌀 says:

    Guys in 00:29 it says “What am I?” but it is actually “I’m same as before” is more accurate😅🤗

  25. [티븨]찹쌀좁쌀 says:

    00:29 영어번역 잘못됬어요ㅠ “뭐 그대로야 난” 이거 영어번역 그대로 해석하면 “나는 무엇인가” 가 되구 저도 잘은 모르지만 “I’m the same as before” 이런식으로 되야할것 같네요

  26. O.A says:

    This song will be an amazing kdrama ost

  27. Aeqyo Lins says:

    14 May 2020, the day i addicted to this song. 😤❤️

  28. 이범_ says:

    노래가 너무 짧아서 아쉽ㅠ

  29. Elaiza Nonato says:


  30. 김태현 says:

    목소리 너무 조타!

  31. hira rana says:

    Oh my god. Its unbelieve how talented suga is.

  32. Nick Harris says:

    Her voice is so beautiful right? I loved this song so much I made a guitar cover 🙂 Hope you enjoy 🙂

    와 아이유 목소리 진짜 좋아요 !!! 내 기타 커버를 즐기시기 바랍니다 🙂 사랑해요!!!

  33. W • o • o • z • i • C • h • u says:

    I only found this now-

  34. 최지원 says:

    I feel like this song is about how IU wanting to reset the time and be with her two best friend because it says "forever we young" or mabey it means she will be forever young in heaven with her two best friends after

  35. 김미미. says:

    주토피야? 그런 영화 나 드라마 ost 같은 느낌이다

  36. singing is kim says:

    아이유 언니 너무 예쁘당

  37. Chairia Tandias says:

    I got chills after knowing the meaning of the song😭😭
    Anyone wanna hear it on ukulele? I just did one

  38. 은빈일상 says:

    Hi 나는 Koren 피플 Why 한국댓글 up 안해줘? 아이유 love 사랑해 이지은

  39. Ricky Yan Masangkay says:

    Its sounds like an OST of an Anime to me

  40. Shanice Pesalbon says:

    gives me some kdrama feels … it could be a kdrama themesong :>

  41. 건빵TV says:


  42. DeJanayy J. says:

    This is the type of song to cheer me up in times like these but how suga came in with the flow uuuuuuum, that was sooo smooth and the he added a little singing to it omg I just didn't want it to end honestly. And IU's voice sounds different in a good way it's really nice and refreshing.

  43. Christian chimchim says:

    I m obssessed with this song

  44. Chit ko Ko says:

    I love yoongi voice

  45. jeni Apriliyani says:

    aku suka sekali lagu ini sukses terus untuk iu dan suga

  46. pawit chartpumrujee says:

    Love this song so much❤

  47. 하경희 says:

    한국인은 손을 듭시오

  48. A Gu Ggim아구찜 says:


  49. 신하륜 says:

    에잇 치려다가 잘못쳐서 에이 쳤는데 나옴

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