iPhone 12 Flip (2020) – OMG!!


iphone 12 is the next smartphone from apple, a live hands-on video leaked showing the foldable phone from apple, the iphone Flip or iphone 12 flip, Here’s the latest news and updates about the apple foldable phone.

Enjoy Watching…!!

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28 Replies to “iPhone 12 Flip (2020) – OMG!!”

  1. Adriana Tejeda says:

    That's a galaxy

  2. Isaiah Montoya says:

    Low-key only apple die hards would get this I love apple but for real…

  3. Aljed Alban says:

    It's Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

  4. Chick ideas for you says:

    Where did you get one please tell me I want to use it I only have the iPhone 3 and it’s horrible

  5. Alfonso Ayala says:

    That is a galaxy

  6. Joseph Clegg says:

    Apple needs to stop copying android, I'm not a fan of the apple brand at all. Their technology is not at all sophisticated in comparison to the other brands on the market yet they price their products so highly. Its deeply unimpressive.

  7. Yvie Manahan says:


  8. Jay Kune says:

    Stewpid Editors

  9. Lalalala Jade says:

    Nice thoo

  10. Ash T Iron says:

    iPhone slow motion 10000 FPS please

    Please why not thanks

  11. Darin Campbell says:

    I would buy one in a heartbeat! Real talk! Peace.

  12. nikolas K says:

    iPhone sucks!

  13. Ilhan Bjelic says:

    That is z flip

  14. Vịnh Móm says:

    Iphone lai co ch play

  15. It’s just Nayla says:

    These iPhones now in days all the same shit a phone is a phone to this point I’m happy with my iPhone 11 I had for a year they all the same shit once again they all text ft and call people and you can download apps and take good pictures in my opinion they all the same shit no hate to iPhones I’m just saying my opinion

  16. Elizabeth Yitaferu says:

    Fucking love it


  17. Pengo Time! says:


  18. boo boo is noice boo boo says:

    That's not even an iPhone 😂

  19. Gusti Aida says:

    Guru zuhdi selamat jalan didunia

  20. Zam Azam says:

    Is this already release?

  21. Brigitta Pappne Tohotan says:

    Iphone 12 flip the 12 pro

  22. Teresa Baker says:

    Well I used a live cc from cashflukes on telegram,to drive this phone out on telegram so cool very fast and reliable

  23. Nicki Minaj says:

    There are folding Samsung’s just like that one

  24. VINI NAIK says:

    Omg wat a creation i will b tge first one to buy this phone if in market… simply superbbb masterpiece… hope mobile companies work on this technology…

  25. Thirumaran Shakithiyan says:

    Super keep it up Anna …

  26. Projeto Garoto Épico says:

    I see a play store on iOS? WHAAAAAAAAA

  27. IG TEA says:

    Copying Samsung

  28. Burhan Jahri says:


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