How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone 8.1 To Windows Phone 10


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This is a complete step by step tutorials on How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone 8.1 To Windows Phone 10 Microsoft Lumia,Nokia Lumia,SAMSUNG,HTC or any other brands of Windows Phone. You can upgrade from any version of Windows Phone, such as WP 8,8.1 .

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New upgrade app is now available : (upgrade advisor app)

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  1. I'll give yall a quick solution. Don't bother doing whats in this video since it doesn't work. Just download the Upgrade Advisor app. Be warned that it has been stated that after Dec 2019 it will no longer be supported also.

  2. Why would you want to update to Windows 10 ?? Just because 'it's something new' ? Tell you, this is just the worst from the Microsoft company. Stay with Windows 8.1. Windows 10 means: no more Here Drive+ bye bye, no more Paypal to purchase apps, FORCED OS updates that cause problems that weren't there before the update. Just Google up a bit. Even the Calendar app is GONE and has been replaced with Outlook calendar, good luck with that. Try to put an mp3 ringtone in Windows 10. Keyboard swipe is GONE. The Windows 10 has almost made me throw away my phone. If you look at Windows 10, it's just like Microsoft engineers were taking revenge and were doing their best to force people give up their Windows phones.

  3. hello man your toturials are VERYGOOD MY COMPUTER IS SO FASTER WITH YOUR WINDOWS 10 TOTURIALS AND GRAPHIC SETTINGS i have a question can i have get my lenovo tab 2 a7_30gc to a windows 10 tablet?

  4. why would anyone upgrade while google doesn't have support for WMP ? As for app builder , even if you pay, its a crappy app that will work a few times then it breaks. been searching for a standalone app builder…even in archive and none found. (and no..will not run Android.. I'm happy with my phone as it is…4 days with one charge…not even on my 6000mAh Android phone..)

  5. Anybody help me I can not updated my Lumia 430 without Wi-Fi please tell me now how I can update connect mobile data


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