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So how to update Google Play Store which updates all the other apps? The updated play store brings in a lot of features, but updating it is not an easy thing to do. So in this video, we will talk about the top 3 ways you can update the Play Store on your Android devices.

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41 Replies to “How To Manually Update Google Play Store on Android To Latest Version | Guiding Tech”

  1. Dave Official YT says:

    I don't understand you.

  2. Nassibahmad Ahmad says:

    Before I stop to automatically update play store but now me want my play store automatically update

  3. Isaiah Anthony Cruz says:

    Thank You for helping me to update the Google Play Store😊


    First trick worked.thanks bro

  5. Mishi Balouch says:

    Why my play store failed to show there icons …?
    Need help

  6. Anjali sharma says:

    Thanks to information

  7. Mehboob Hussain says:

    Which smartphone u r using

  8. Dinesh mahiya says:

    अबे ओ अंग्रेज की औलाद हिन्दी नहीं आती

  9. Sierra 117 says:

    Thanks! Really helpful!

  10. Setsumi Kokonoe says:

    If you could get to the point, took a minute before you started to talk about the question and then it just dragged on.

  11. Mark Doten says:

    Google store app

  12. Sara Ali khan says:

    Clearing the data will affect the data on my apps?

  13. Laldingpuii Hmar says:


  14. Fatema Khanpurwala says:

    It says it cant be installed i tried everything

  15. Saheb Karmakar says:

    Thanks brother you are halp you.

  16. Carlos Teran says:

    Great works like a charm. I had an old tablet stuck with an old build, and this fixed that.

  17. N Hart says:

    Thank you for this video! Very helpful.

  18. Wazza 10 says:

    Not working for me. When I go to google store/setting I dont see any "google play version". I only see "open source licences" and "build version"

  19. Prasad MG says:

    Keep camera focus on mobile screen alone or at least keep the mobile straight for Christ sake.

  20. Victory On Gaming says:

    U are saying perfect English

  21. KINE MASTER says:


  22. Hmoob Leej Tub Thoj says:

    Hmoob Leej Tub

  23. Dobre Max2004 says:

    Wow no shit this did not resolved my problem and who the fuck I so dump to not know how to upgrade google play store

  24. DARK I BLASTER says:

    I want update for giving rating to tiktok

  25. GAMER WORLD says:

    Thank you sir Thankyou very much for solving my problem through your video I am subscribing you and liking your video
    The third trick is awesome and really working


    Thanks brother 🤗

  27. Nadira Begum says:


  28. Zeeshan Farooqi says:

    Playstore old hai update nahi ho raha hai

  29. pyroclasm cheeks says:

    Some versions are really not available depends on your device

  30. Renzel Dabalos says:


  31. Narasimhulu Vudugundla says:

    In Samsung m21 the play store is not supported and also from google it's not supported

  32. Mr.lolipop With Mustache says:


  33. GHOST FOX says:

    Lol it just update automatically

  34. Vikash Choudhary says:

    Your ideas and tricks are always working. So continue on this path

  35. Irfan sss says:

    My ipad has no option to update the playstore?

  36. Big Nade says:

    My google play store shows me downloading chrome but not it is really updating it why

  37. Md saddam says:

    Playstore NoRun

  38. Md saddam says:

    Oppo Reno No Run

  39. D.V.S comedy network says:

    Bhai Aapka bahut bahut dhanyabaad Aapne mere bahut badi problem solve Kar Diya . Jitna thanks kahu utna Kam hai.

  40. Technical Support Aryan says:

    Thanks for your time love u

  41. Android Link says:

    Thank you so much dude!

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