CUSTOM DIY TINY VAN | FULL VAN TOUR!!! ( 2012 Ford Transit Connect )


This week I give a walk through of a camper van I was hired to build! This build took roughly 6 weeks to complete, it took some unique modifications but all in all it turned out pretty awesome!


Safer solution for 110v on outside of van:

LED Lights I recommend:

Maxx Fan:

Solar Panels:

Charger Controller:



Bluetooth Battery unit:

Gear I Use:

My Camera –
My Other Camera –
My Mic –
My Little Tripod –
My Favorite Light –
My Favorite Lighting accessory –

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50 Replies to “CUSTOM DIY TINY VAN | FULL VAN TOUR!!! ( 2012 Ford Transit Connect )”

  1. S.Julie V. says:

    Please watch and share

  2. Dean Winchester says:

    Nice work gifted young man 😃👌

  3. John Leitaker says:

    I never comment but really nice work here. Very neat

  4. Sprits Fal says:

    Damn the craftsmanship in this van is amazing! I wonder how much he charges to do all this?

  5. D S&S says:

    Love the platform for pooch…. ✌️

  6. Sun6 V says:

    Very very good job mate …

  7. Benjamin Walters says:

    How long is the bed please ??? Fantastic job by the way !

  8. 007nadineL says:

    Thx. For free tour.


  9. Adam Harmon says:

    just got a 2010 yesterday…watching your channel like a madman.

  10. Serg says:

    The pad – is the great idea!

  11. GentleTent says:

    Awesome van! We are always amazed by the different ways a van can be adapted.

  12. My Son's Mother says:

    The seat back bwill be ruined and you won’t be able to remove the smell.

  13. David M says:

    My dad has that van

  14. Mia Clark says: 2012 Sprinter remodel

  15. Mia Clark says:

    Josh I have a 2012 sprinter and would like to get in touch with you regarding just some touching up in my van

  16. D Lowery says:

    Please get rid of obnoxias musice

  17. Seema Nawathe says:

    But you can't cook, wash dishes, can you.? So, that's an office

  18. Lazaro Alvarez says:

    Hey how can we contact you for a build ?

  19. Margo Mania says:

    Nice fan but me and you've got a hold the camera steady here. I was getting dizzy watching you

  20. sushi777300 says:

    Fabulous job

  21. Reverend TFG says:

    Where can I get those magnets that hold the rear doors fully open? I need those for my 2013 Transit Connect!

  22. usual suspect says:

    Very great job! Comfortable and spacious, place for the bed, place for the table…, all in order.
    Simple and useful. No need for a camping car 100,000 K.
    נוח מאוד ומרווח, מסודר מאוד. אהבתי מאוד. ❤👍👍👍

  23. Ralph Furley says:

    Very, Very Nice Build. I want one.

  24. Ralph Furley says:

    Please, no music in the background. It's annoying and distracts from what you are saying.

  25. TextSMS Master says:

    I'm a Engineer and Retired Master Electrician .. I concur with Brian about your installed 120v Male Connector .. there is not a disconnecting means accessible on the outside of the van for this live connection .. therefore you violate electrical code.. you created a dangerous electrical hazard .. you are not a licensed electrician either. U R a Jack Leg

  26. n2jmb says:

    That's got to be the coolest Micro Camper I've seen. Thanks for sharing!

  27. XO Pi says:

    Americans know far far more about van builds than Europeans.

  28. katherine katherine says:

    I wish YouTubers would learn to stop playing “background” music while they are talking.

  29. Torridup says:

    More power to this person for making this work. But I’m gonna need to be able to stand up, a shower, toilet, and a kitchen. This van is tiny. Living in this for any amount of time would not be doable for me.

  30. m1234a1 says:

    How much did you charge for all of these ?

  31. Go Everywhere says:

    Beautiful. How much does a build like this cost? (Not including the van)

  32. J Roger says:

    Nice job on the Transit……. The Cell Boosters..…..sure they are readily available …but boy do they cause nasty RFI for the Wireless Telco networks…just saying!

  33. Dude Man says:

    Dude try getting a camera with image stabilizer because any little movement you make with this current camera it's very disorienting to the viewers watching. It felt like I had to readjust to what I was seeing every few seconds. Thanks Bud.

  34. Connie Staggs says:

    Nice build. Background music on the video got annoying pretty quickly.

  35. Connie Staggs says:

    Nice build. Background music on the video got annoying pretty quickly.

  36. Eloise Ty says:

    You're not very good at describing stuff…are you?haha

  37. Maureen C. says:

    Did I miss a toilet location?

  38. Dian Noer says:

    How much to build this, where are you located?

  39. gorilla twist says:

    Love except the Pergo Flooring EEEKK..

  40. Woody Van says:

    Cool vid😎

  41. Nannette Nagy says:

    Great job! Well done. It’s perfect.

  42. Victoria Shoesmith says:

    Delightful design and beautifully done. The dog bed is brilliant!

  43. Thomas Dunn says:

    Beautiful … Great Job!

  44. Douglas Lockyer says:

    Wait in america you use the handbrake as an emergency break!?

  45. Chris Crumley says:

    Josh may I ask what a build like this would cost? I appreciate the video and you did a great job. I was considering an RV but this seems so much more practical. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  46. Jazzie Red says:

    If you ditch the music this would be a great video, it was annoying as hell.

  47. Beka Bourdeau says:

    I've been wanting to make a "dog shelf" in my van…very cool to see how it can be done. Thank you.

  48. Jeremy Schurawlow says:

    Carpet ? But you can't clean it super easy ? . well they paid a h of a lot of money . so. Extras x are extras.

  49. Jeremy Schurawlow says:

    1 2 0 volt . receptacle

  50. Amy Castor says:

    Super impressive!

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