CUSTOM DIY TINY VAN | FULL VAN TOUR!!! ( 2012 Ford Transit Connect )


This week I give a walk through of a camper van I was hired to build! This build took roughly 6 weeks to complete, it took some unique modifications but all in all it turned out pretty awesome!


Safer solution for 110v on outside of van:

LED Lights I recommend:

Maxx Fan:

Solar Panels:

Charger Controller:



Bluetooth Battery unit:

Gear I Use:

My Camera –
My Other Camera –
My Mic –
My Little Tripod –
My Favorite Light –
My Favorite Lighting accessory –

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  1. Very great job! Comfortable and spacious, place for the bed, place for the table…, all in order.
    Simple and useful. No need for a camping car 100,000 K.
    נוח מאוד ומרווח, מסודר מאוד. אהבתי מאוד. ❤👍👍👍

  2. I'm a Engineer and Retired Master Electrician .. I concur with Brian about your installed 120v Male Connector .. there is not a disconnecting means accessible on the outside of the van for this live connection .. therefore you violate electrical code.. you created a dangerous electrical hazard .. you are not a licensed electrician either. U R a Jack Leg

  3. More power to this person for making this work. But I’m gonna need to be able to stand up, a shower, toilet, and a kitchen. This van is tiny. Living in this for any amount of time would not be doable for me.

  4. Nice job on the Transit……. The Cell Boosters..…..sure they are readily available …but boy do they cause nasty RFI for the Wireless Telco networks…just saying!

  5. Dude try getting a camera with image stabilizer because any little movement you make with this current camera it's very disorienting to the viewers watching. It felt like I had to readjust to what I was seeing every few seconds. Thanks Bud.

  6. Josh may I ask what a build like this would cost? I appreciate the video and you did a great job. I was considering an RV but this seems so much more practical. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  7. Carpet ? But you can't clean it super easy ? . well they paid a h of a lot of money . so. Extras x are extras.


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