2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible – Revs + Walkaround 4k


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Thanks to Holand Automotive Group & Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Quebec for making this available
If you’re interested in buying this vehicle or to get any other information, please send me an email at francis@holandleasing.com or visit my website at or

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40 Replies to “2020 Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible – Revs + Walkaround 4k”

  1. Krish Virmani says:

    Please specify the rates of each

  2. MOHM 12 says:

    ابو فهد احبك انشالله تشتريه 🇮🇶🇸🇦💗

  3. Liam Daley says:

    My next car next spring

  4. CarChrisMC says:


    At 8min, you can see where all the fuel goes! 😱😜

    Btw: Promise me, never show a convertible with the windows up again!

  5. Michael Otoo says:

    Bentley is next for a bail out they have not sold one since Christmas ha ha ha

  6. Rasaq Vprasaq says:


  7. Deuce Jackson says:

    My car…..

  8. Shobhit Sharma says:

    same as rolls Royce dawn 😻😂

  9. Adalberto Garcia says:

    No me gusta opinar pero hoy tiene la oportunidad de saber lo qué yo ofrezco por esa cosa 1 kilo de carnitas estilo michoacan con 2 kilos de tortilla y salsa picante 🌶 me avisan si Quieren

  10. RASHAD Alyazyde says:

    korona fwolo me

  11. UP& NER says:

    beautiful cars…why did they put such ugly cheap looking rear lights…looks like a yundai or toyota.

  12. Công Nguyễn says:

    So beatifull

  13. Josue Wellingtom says:

    Eu amo carro Branco

  14. minsuk275 says:

    페북보면 불법도박토토로. 그래프 사다리토토같은걸로 이차저차샀다는영상올리는데 그 영상을 이채널에서 저작권 ㅈ까라하고 쓰는구만? 야이 양심빌어먹은 새키들아. 내가 이 페이지에다가 말해서 고소하라고 하기전에 이채널에서 영상쓰지마라

  15. Jae Mashallah says:

    It’s the lights for meeee😍😍😩

  16. Crazy Life says:

    Sure it beautiful inside lol

  17. basilis hellas says:

    The ultimate roadster!!!!

  18. kawa kocher says:

    سيارة جميلة ورائعة ماشاءالله ..روعة قوة جمال

  19. Mr S says:

    They finally renovated their old ass interior technology, this is nice

  20. Cornelius Pearl says:

    Over priced if a man has to buy this to get some pussy he's a weak bitch.

  21. m.r says:

    Continental gt or s63 amg (both drop top) ❓

  22. Freddd Greggg says:

    Perfect for Switzerland
    Even better than a 911 cab

  23. Anish Tom says:

    Luxury must feel silent, not as a lorry..

  24. Joao carlos Mendes says:

    Please help me the name of music end vídeo this car thanks

  25. Tony Jablonski says:

    I like cars so much more than people.

  26. Jackyq Johnson says:

    the backlights are just so ugly so sad to see

  27. vincent Warmington says:

    Very soon

  28. allforapint says:

    Continental GT's have the most useless rear seats in car history. Why even have them there? Surely they can make the back an additional storage layout.

  29. Matgic Jonno says:

    Rollsroyce and Bentley rivals

  30. Muhammadjon Gulomov says:


  31. A Vu says:

    The B that shines on the floor when you open the door is so extra, I love it, haha. Truly a dream car that'd I'd probably never be able to buy.

  32. shahbaaz chahal says:

    check her https://shrinkme.io/jHV9nGh

  33. doctor g. says:

    very nice

  34. Odilon menezes Menezes says:

    The wheels quase igual a do mini coper

  35. Soumya Saha says:

    This is so better and advance than any Rolls Royce

  36. Astaroth YS says:

    High end Sebring… the back

  37. Djilali Herouel says:


  38. Mo Beasley says:

    The only thing I don't like about it is that is doesn't have the traditional 'B' in the rear lights.

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