2019 Honda Vision 110 | AutoReview | affordable & cheap to run [Episode 23]


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  1. Great scooter. I own other, larger, bikes but this little Honda is my day to day shopping trolley. For me the deciding factor over the PCC was the greater simplicity of the Vision. Air cooled, single sided swing arm, very easy access to engine for valve adjustment etc. They seem to hold their price and hold the road. What more can you ask for? And it's a Honda!

  2. Great video sound quality is spot on.
    I hired one of these in Penang last March. It was an amazing little machine, the speedometer didn't work but I didn't care. It's fun to ride, in town it's perfect. Quick enough acceleration. Predictable handling even with a ridiculously worn front tyre. I'm 6'3" tall and my partner is 5'8" we both found it comfortable. Sometimes we scraped the stand while cornering but it just kept on line and was great fun. Brakes were greatly improved by fitting new pads as the ones on it were well below serviceable limit. Narrow profile was great in traffic, headlight was poor barely brighter than a candle! I would recommend this bike to anyone considering a scooter, top speed or maybe lack off might be an issue for long commuting on A roads but as town / short trip machine it would be hard to beat.
    I was that impressed with it I am seriously considering buying one just for a run around, however with 3 bikes in the garage already my partner might have a different idea! Stay safe on whatever you ride

  3. Considering buying this bike – thank you for the great review! If I may ask, how tall are you? I am 185cm/6'1 and was wondering if it would be cramped.

  4. Wow, your audio setup is really good! Despite that scooter having no wind protection audio comes out preaty crisp.
    Could you tell me your helmet setup, please?

  5. Fantastic Video
    Im your fan now for sure
    Subscribe my small channel too
    Keep the awesome work always
    Best Regards

  6. Hi, finally good review for Vision!
    I have the question.. What are main differences between Honda Vision and Suzuki Address, positives and negatives, overall quality etc. compared to each other? They seems to be almost the same and I just can't decide! You should make also the review for Address.
    Thanks for answer and keep up good work.

  7. How much diferent it is from the older versions of the honda vision. I drove an older version and it was just horrible. No power what so ever. On high hills it was just horrible, wouldnt go faster than 40KM's per hour


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