2019 Google Home App Update & New Features


Each year Google has redesigns the Google Home app to make it easier to take control of your Smart Home. This video will help you find the Google Assistant settings, how to cast your screen, see what is playing in your home and much more in the 2019 New Google Home App!

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  1. I tried asking my Google home how to change its voice it said to go to assistant settings and in the assistant tab and that is should be there but it wasn't. And have the preference settings moved somewhere? I live in Europe.

  2. Nothing but problems lately with google Home. Can't even see Nest min and home minis on my Home App. Hello Alexa!

  3. I watch this 20 mins video looking for the explore feature and found out its not even available

  4. Brett,
    Please help… since new update I keep getting can't see kitchen or bedroom on this wifi network.
    Please help, I've contacted Google and they have no idea what to do.
    Thank you

  5. So I have google home in my phone and whenever I use chromecast on my samsung tab for hulu, the phone recognizes that I selected that the certain show has been casted so that i can play, pause, go back, or go forward, but after a while of not using my phone, it disconnects on itself. Why is that?

  6. My phone is a straight talk phone galaxy sj 7 crown is my phone able to get the google update or not cause I cant find it in my app store

  7. I wonder if you could explain something about Google…I keep getting notifications to tell me my search is ready….when I have not even searched for the people's names coming up…hacked account maybe ..pisses me off!!!

  8. Why does my app only show the basic 4 such as setting, broadcast, media and home calling and also on my nest hub it only shows me my one room display with nothing else

  9. All I wanted to know was how to get my routines icon back. I already knew about going through the menus.

  10. All I wanted to do is screen mirror my phone to my TV. You passed over the steps necessary starting somewhere in the middle and then showed the final steps. All you did was prove that YOU know how to access the feature. I ended up not knowing how to screen mirror!

  11. I dont have that that layout I have a very basic lay out "media" "settings" and my 2 "bedroom devices" and at the bottom I have "home" and "48 hour recap" I'm on Samsung s10 can someone help me with what's going on been have trouble setting up voice activation for the past 2 days now

  12. I wish Google let you have sperate light groups in a room. I have fairy lights around my room, but I also have smart lights for when I need regular lighting, and I'd prefer to select which light group I'd wish to turn on when I select the "on" button without needing to go and turn on the fairy lights individually.

  13. Ive looked for ages and I can't find it.
    My housemate have me his google home mini and he factory reset it.
    However it did unlink his account. I just want to be able to unlink his account from it but it keeps telling me that he has to give me permission to join his house. So do I have to get his permission?

  14. Hey Brett, for some reason i cant find out how to add the voice matches of my family.. Kinda obsolete tech if they cant use it. Any tips or earlier vids that might be of any help?

  15. Brett, another great video. However, I pay for premium YT music which include Google music. I chose YT music as my default, but every time I play music, it alway plays from google music & not YT music. Is there a way I can make it play from YT music? I would rather invest into a service that will be the future instead of google music which is slated to be extinct at some point. Thanks

  16. Can I just use the home app on its one to control smart devices as I don’t own any home
    Assistant… yet?

  17. I have a question. I have a google home mini 1st generation. Whenever I go to the google home app, there is an option to call home, but when I click it, it automatically says that it didnt answer. Is it because the google home is on the same number as my phone, which shouldn't be the case, or what?

  18. Hi Brett, maybe you can figure out Google Home stopped working on my Pixel 2 and screen is saying "Oops, we're having loading this screen"


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