16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade (2011)


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This is a video tutorial describing the process of upgrading your RAM on the MacBook Pro. This video covers the early 2011 Quad-core MacBook Pro. The process will be similar for most unibody MacBooks. In this case I’ve upgraded to 16GB of Corsair memory (although Apple claims support for only 8GB). The 16GB is recognized and functions perfectly.

Don’t pay the hefty factory upgrade prices from Apple – Complete the upgrade yourself! I previously installed an SSD inside my MacBook Pro as well, the processed is outlined in this video –

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  1. anyone do this? and where did you get the ram? im upgrading the same computer, just not sure if its worth putting in the 16ram if the computer is really worth that much speed in the end.

  2. ya prolly should unplug that battery there before you go messing around by the mother board budros. make sure to do so before. just sayin.

  3. hello there. is it suitable for early 2011 macbook pro ? I just bought SSD and wanna know to install 16GB MEM to this beast 🙂

  4. I have 2 8gb ddr3l 1600mhz but doesnt work on my mbpro late 2011..how can i fix it?..i only hear beepings..

  5. Just used this video (10/2019) to upgrade my Late 2011 model from 8GB to 16GB and worked great, thank you so much! xoxo

  6. I'm planning to upgrade my MBP early 2011 A1286 from 8gb ram to 16gb. Tell me if this memory module is compatible with my MBP. Thanks!
    Crucial 8GB 1RX8 PC3L-12800 DDR3L 1600Mhz 204-pin 1.35v SODIMM RAM.

  7. Hi Lou, is your macbook pro ok after installing corsoir sodimm for several months? Please tell us the update. Thank you

  8. Can someone tell me what more ram does I’m not much of a computer person and I’m looking to get a MacBook Pro

  9. Hey there, recently bought a 2x8GB and added them to my MacBook Pro early 2011 however I use Visual Studio 2017 and it started working really slow what was never the case with my old 2x2GB. Anyone experienced that or any suggestions ?

  10. But.. it won't be compatible? Apples max recommended Ram for 2011 Pro models is 8gb. 
    Yours works or overheats???

  11. Hey Got A macbook pro from early 2012. Can I insert 2x 4gb cosair macmemory that goes to late-2011 safely??

  12. Hello. I have a question for you. Never opened a MacBook or any other computer or phone before, but I want to try. I have an early 20ll MacBook pro. Want to upgrade ram, replace the hard drive. I also have another issue that I'm hoping you can help me diagnose. The trackpad has become an issue. It will click when I depress it AND I can move the mouse. However, the mouse on the screen does not respond to my click on the trackpad. I hooked up a battery powered external mouse, and everything responds just fine. So, before I go the expense of buying a new trackpad, I want to make sure the problem is not something else, such as the battery or another issue. Can you help me, or anyone else here help me? I'm an older woman with lots of initiative and not afraid of trying to fix this on my own. Thanks so much. Patti

  13. I was told that my MacBook Pro 2011 early, it would only take 8 ( 2 of 4) but I see that you added 16 is it possible?


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